So, have you suddenly been put in charge of your company's trade show marketing department? Are you expected to produce amazing results at your company's next trade show exhibit? Is your boss expecting you to perform incredible superhuman feats and produce record results and trade show sales? Are you scratching your head and wondering what in the world you should do? Do you wish you could just snap your fingers and turn into a Trade Show SuperHero? Well... it's a little more complicated than just snapping your fingers or making a wish, or clicking your heels together and saying to yourself, "Make me a TradeShow Super Hero." But now that you're found this website, and if you're willing to pay attention and put in a little hard work, maybe, just may, you can learn how to become your company's trade show savior and a bona-fide, League-Of-Justice quality Trade Show SuperHero!

The first thing to realize is that becoming a Trade Show SuperHero doesn't just mean jumping into the nearest phone booth and donning red tights and a cape. Oh, if only it was that easy (although finding a pay phone booth these days might not be that easy after all)! Becoming a Trade Show SuperHero means learning what is important to make your trade show exhibit and trade show marketing campaign a success. Being a trade show hero means knowing what to do (and what not to do!), and that is what we intend to help teach you here at the Trade Show Super Hero website, home of the WIETSSHTE (World Institute for Excellence in Trade Show Super Hero Training and Education).

All Trade Show Super Heroes know that the center of their universe is their booth at the trade show, and they know their trade show booth has to be amazing. That's why they make sure they get an amazing trade show display with amazing trade show graphics (like the graphics in superhero comic books that have lots of POPs and ZOWs and make you go wow). And a trade show superhero knows the importance of hiring an expert designer with experience and expertise in designing amazing trade show graphics, and well as hiring an expert copywriter that knows the key to great trade show graphics is a clear, concise, and compelling trade show marketing message that gets your main selling point across quickly and effectively. A true trade show superhero also knows the importance of having plenty of cool trade show giveaways (aka 'trade show swag', although swag stands for Stuff We All Get and not Superhero Whoopass And Gumption) so they can reward their trade show fans (aka trade show attendees and trade show booth visitors) with their cool trade show giveaways and swag. In short, a trade show superhero knows there are a LOT of important elements that go into making their trade show exhibit booth the hero of the trade show floor.

A trade show superhero also knows that most exhibitors' trade show kryptonite is not planning ahead and properly preparing. That's why the Boy Scouts of America have the motto, "Failing to plan is planning to fail." A trade show super hero plans ahead. They make sure they pick the right trade show or convention to exhibit at, and they know they need to create a trade show budget and set measurable and attainable trade show goals. They know they need to make sure they are prepared with a great trade show display and great trade show giveaways. They send out pre-trade-show mailers to let their customers know in advance that they'll be exhibiting at the show, and they need to provide an incentive to visit their booth (like a free trade show giveaway or the chance to win a raffle, contest, or prize if a person stops by the booth at the show). A trade show hero also knows the critical importance of following up with all the prospects they meet at the show after the show. They don't let potential sales slip away because of a lack of following up to close and seal the deal. Being a trade show superhero isn't that hard, but it also isn't that easy. But there's not much point of being a trade show exhibitor if you're not going to be successful, and the key to trade show success is knowing what turns the average mild-mannered trade show exhibiting nerd into a shining, awesome tradeshow superhero. If you're ready, here at WIETSSHTE we want to put you on that illustrious path to becoming not only a Trade Show Super Hero, but also a trade show marketing expert. Our goal is to give you the trade show tools, skills, and training to defeat your trade show nemesis (and any other crafty trade show villains) so you can save the world (or at least save the show and make your company's trade show exhibiting experience a trade show success story).

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